Stacy Weinstein

"I'd highly recommend working with this energetic gal!" - Kathy

It's hard to believe, but it's been fourteen years since I opened a small business. Teaching Pilates has been incredibly rewarding as I have worked with a variety of clientele from varying demographics, backgrounds, injuries and illnesses. I have also honed my skills in listening to client's needs, interests, goals, schedules, as well as understanding the organization and details of running a small business. I have found the same to be true in real estate.

Although it was initially because of my passion to work with people and interest to help that I decided to pursue a career in real estate, it quickly became about the excitement of showing homes, negotiating contracts and being able to share this process with my clients.

As a Denver native, I have seen incredible changes to this city over the last 25 years and have had the pleasure of experiencing the city's growth that has brought more culture and entertainment to an already active, sunny and friendly town. I love being able to start a conversation with, "this used to be.... way back when."

As an active volunteer in our community I am deeply seeded in animal welfare and rights, always root for the underdog, thrive on connecting people to people, and love helping my clients find what they need.

When you are ready to chat, get in touch with me!

John A.

Any testimonial to applaud Stacy Weinstein deserves substance not just brevity. While not possible here, let me just say that she is a unique force of nature who epitomizes every positive aspect of professionalism, customer centricity and reliability. You can depend on Stacy. Her social skills are second to none. And best of all, she is a catalyst for her clients' personal growth and development. Her nickname should be multitask. Her quick wit and self effacing sense of humor are the icing on the cake. I recommend her without reservation.


Prior to meeting Stacy my head was all over the place. Unsure of my ultimate goals, she helped me create a plan, as she is incredibly organized and detail oriented. She knew how to reel me in, keep me focused and kept me laughing the whole time. I'd highly recommend working with this energetic gal!

Jeanne L.

8z Real Estate is the total package - everything and every service you need is under one roof. Everyone I dealt with knew their stuff, were friendly, and very helpful to me.